Still Warm from the…

April 21, 2011 at 3:08 pm (Ruminations.)

It was…. a morning…

A morning of frustration, but also full of clear reminders of how much love is in my life.

Yesterday my car wouldn’t start. I was lucky enough to borrow my neighbor Kat’s car for the afternoon so I could make it to my appointment, thank God for that. I thought maybe I had left a light on or something and had Rodney take a look and then we jumped it late last night. I drove it around a little while to charge it, killed the engine, restarted it, all good… or so I thought.

Got around to my day this morning and then it occurred to me I should probably check my car for power. Sure enough – it was dead. Jumped it, drove around a bit, came back to the house, killed it… tried to restart it… no dice… called my neighbor out again… Rodney!!!! So glad to have a neighbor that knows about cars.

Then there was this moment where I was again reminded of the earth, of God, of my blessings, so many that I don’t feel I deserve. In the middle of scrambling trying to get someone to jump my car again, calling the dealership to check on my warranty, talking to my house / community mates, sorting out a car for later today…. my house mate was cooking breakfast. There were eggs on the counter… fresh from the chickens. There were two left and I was quick enough to claim them before anyone else saw. What better time to treat myself to a nice breakfast, right? Got the fire going under the pan and picked up the egg to crack it… it was still warm. I asked Marcos, “Was this fresh from this morning? It’s still warm…” and he said “Yep, still warm from the chicken’s butt”. I have never had such a fresh egg in my life, and it is so NOT the norm in our culture… it is still tripping me out.

I have to consider how removed we are in this world – this culture – from the natural order of… well, I guess of nature. God’s natural order, the way life was designed to be. A little while later Glenn came in after the backyard chicken’s eggs, but they were all gone at that point. I told him we have eggs in the fridge, from the store, and he settled, but after having the experience of a warm egg the store bought just seemed so odd to even offer to someone.

So my car was still busted… no quick solution, although I am blessed to borrow a car this afternoon to go about my business. I worked from home for a bit and then walked to the green house backyard to find Rodney to check in on my car before walking to a coffee shop to do some business. I ran into my beautiful sister Erin in the yard and she passed on to me a gorgeous flower… actually placed it right on my ear. Totally made my afternoon. Before walking out onto the palm lined street I ran into 3 other people in the backyard, and picked a strawberry and ate it from the garden….

Still warm from the shining sun…

I took one bite and a giant smile came across my face, and Rodney said “It’s as simple as that?” Yes… actually it is… it doesn’t take all that much to make me happy. Maybe that’s why I’m so grateful right now.

I realized that strawberry… long before I ever dreamed of moving into community with these people there was a garden work day and I was there… and I helped plant those strawberries. So I did work for some of my food today!

As I walked by the chicken pen I passed on some of life’s loving energy to the chickens, through to the front yard and out onto… the palm lined street.

Thank you Lord for your provision in my life. I will fear no evil for my God is with me. Every step of the way.

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