Jonny’s Story

October 19, 2011 at 1:45 am (Ruminations.)

He told it to me tonight, over beers, at the Flying Pig. It was the end of Bible study and we decided to pile into Marcos’ car (climbing over a shovel and a pitchfork) and cruise for a night cap to end the evening. He was talking about a friend he invited to Bible study, and how his friend had been intrigued by what he told him about our crew, our body, our church. So I asked him to tell me what he had told his friend. Someone said we already knew the story, but I asked him to tell it anyways. So he did.

I’m just writing what I remember here, but I think the point comes across…

Jonny says:

I was walking to breakfast one morning on a Sunday in downtown Oceanside, and I saw a spray painted graffiti sign in the window of a building across the street that said Gen City Church. It caught my eye and I wanted to see what it was (Marcos interjects ‘Wendy painted that sign!’).

So I crossed the street and there was a tattooed woman in blue standing outside, and she invited me in. (At this point Marcos interjects ‘a smokin hot woman’, and Jonny says ‘drop dead gorgeous’) I walked in and there were a bunch of tables set up like a banquet, and I started to think this might be a cult. I hesitated for a minute and then I decided to go in anyways. There were a couple of guys in the corner and I went over and sat down and started talking to them. Then the service started.

It started by a big black guy standing up with a box and saying ‘My name is Julius. I’m 42 and I’m a black man.’ And he put his box down. Then a tiny petite woman said ‘I’m Karlee, and I’m a 22 year old white woman.’ She put her box down. They built a wall with their boxes, talking about their differences, and then this crazy white dude comes crashing through and knocks the wall down. He threw a box and me and I dodged it, Neo style – which I’ll explain to you later why it was like the matrix – But he was throwing boxes and yelling, and the whole point was how differences don’t matter and we have to break down the boundaries.

Then after the service we ate lunch, and the tattooed woman in blue told me about a Bible study on Tuesday nights and she invited me to come. This is where the Matrix comes back in, because she started talking about a green house and a purple house and how they are one.

So Tuesday night I came to dinner in the green house, and then Bible study. There were like 30 people packed into the green house, and then we all walked out the back door through this big garden past a chicken coop through the yard into the purple house. There were a bunch of chairs in the kitchen and we all piled in and people were talking and telling their testimonies. Then this old guy gets up with a piece of paper and he’s dressed all psychedelic. He starts talking about becoming a model for an art school drawing class. He explains to the people that were sitting in front of him that while we were all sitting there and listening to people’s testimonies he drew their backs.

And he shows the drawing, and its a drawing of their backs that says ‘your backs’.

There was a beautiful blonde next to me (who turned out to be Janie) and she leans over and says ‘It’s not always like this.’

And I lean over to her and say ‘Then I may not come back’.


This story, this perspective of our crazy little world really made my night. It is so strange, makes no sense, but yet – we know – it makes all the sense in the world.

It is reality, and I love it.

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