December 19, 2011 at 1:57 am (Ruminations.)

You kept me sedated.
Tied up in chains, intoxicated.
Bonds so delicate… subtle… pleasant
I never even registered their presence.

Faded to the reality around me.
Surrounding me.
Invading my soul, as unobtrusive as the air I breathe.

(he breathes in, i breathe out)

I succumbed to your lies.
I believed *your* truth.
Not the truth of eternal reality, but your manipulations, ruminations, rotting fixations and escalations.

Keeping me from…

freeing me.

I believed, I truly believed.

With aching breath,
heart clenched,
chest heaving.
My empty wails rising to the night sky like incense, but falling like seeds among the thorns. Choking, dying… provoking the demons around me.

They surrounded me.



My life. It died. And would die again if it would bring me closer to the grace. To the mercy. To Love.

I’ve been delivered from your lies.
I’ve been exposed to the light.
From the darkness I rise.

I simmer in the peace, and… steadily… I survey the destruction around me… it surrounds me…

(he breathes out, i breathe in)

But I have

the hope of glory.

It’s not the end of the story.

But the start of a new beginning.

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