How do I escape…

May 23, 2012 at 12:59 pm (Ruminations.)

How do I escape. Let me count the ways.

Wait until there are five minutes left in my therapy session  to bring up the real stuff, and then walk out wracked in tears, wrecked in the reality of my pain. Drive the long way, then change my mind halfway and go run errands before going home. Go spray in the granny flat, at least that is something productive, the painting is what I have needed to send for two weeks now. Listen to the roommate washing the dishes. Burn incense and take out my contacts. Look at facebook, oh glorious time waster of all time wasters. Drop a line to a client to push of going to their office, cause obviously, this is gonna take awhile. Open wordpress and go look at a random blog. Start writing.  Stop before I get to the real stuff, and correct my capitalization, read, rewrite, read, even this itself is an escape. Maybe we’ll call it a warmup instead.


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